Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy. Friday at 2pm the students said goodbye to the children. When you serve, you always receive a blessing from God. Lives were changed this week...praise God!

Friday - Carnival

Friday was our last day at the Agape Community Center. Today was a beautiful day...the rain held off and the sunshine was great! Many children brought family and friends with them to the Agape Center for a time of fun and food. Hotdogs were served. Over 15 booths were set up for the children. Our students did a great job running the carnival booths.

Here are a few pictures of our students preparing for the carnival.

After the morning of preparation it was finally time for the children and community to arrive. For two hours we entertained the children with games and food. They truly had a great time, as did we.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Video of the Day

Today's winners were Rocky and Daniel. They found a boxing game to play at ESPN Zone. It was so comical watching them box the screen. We had more fun laughing at them. I had more fun watching Julie coach Rocky.

This is Daniel boxing. I hope you can see it because it was dark upstairs.

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Here's Julie coaching Rocky.

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This is Rocky Balboa, the Italian Stallion, during his debut match.

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During our free time tonight, we ventured to the ESPN zone downtown. Being the sports fanatic that I am, I was in heaven...especially since the USA Men's Soccer team was playing Canada at Soldier Field (here in Chicago) and it was being broadcasted on the tv's in the ESPN Zone. We were served and then headed off upstairs to play video games. The students really had a blast; sports fanatics or not, everyone had a fun time playing. I did capture a few pictures of the students playing and laughing. Enjoy!

Chicago Zoo with Campers

Today we took all the campers to the Chicago zoo. What a great day for a trip to the zoo. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was about 80-85 degrees and a nice breeze. I think most of us never broke a sweat after three hours of walking. It will be culture shock coming back to 98 degree weather with 110% humidity. The campers seem to have a great time. They were so excited about seeing the animals and spending the day with their leaders. Our students also had a great time.
Below are some pictures of our time at the zoo and the landmarks we saw as we traveled there.